Beatrice Gleicher
Beatrice Gleicher
Timna Brauer
Beatrice Gleicher
Doris Richter-Bieber, Ramesh Nair
Beatrice Gleicher
Beatrice Gleicher
In the apparent impossibility of attainment lies the great freedom of opportunity. It is only if you have the courage to do so that you can find it.
Beatrice Gleicher

Personal data

Nationality: German
Date of birth: 18.04.1957
Place of birth: Dillenburg am Main
Four sons, one daughter (born in 1982 / 1986 / 1993 / 1993 and 1996)


2006–2007 Training as a non-medical practitioner
1997–1998 Training in Chinese holistic medicine
1994–1997 Training in craniosacral osteopathy under Dr Joelle Kubisch
1986–1992 Singing, vocal training under Prof Andrea Mellis
1979 BA in Acting for Stage Careers, international
1977–1979 Konservatorium Wien University, musical, operetta courses under Prof Werner
1973–1986 Konservatorium Wien University, Akademie der Stadt Wien, singing under KMS Hopf, KMS Fritz Uhl. KMS Hilda de Groote, acting under Prof Susi Nicoletti, Lola Braxton Fechten, Prof Ellen Müller-Preis
1977 Degree in Dance Education
1975–1977 Konservatorium Wien University, ballet, dance education, Kladek technique
1968–1973 Konservatorium Wien University, piano
1965–1968 Ballet training under Grete Führer
1967–1975 Grammar school in 1030 Vienna
1963–1967 Primary school in Offenbach am Main and 1030 Vienna

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